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The Meaning Behind the Name

em · ahh · go · day 

What does it mean to be fearfully and wonderfully made? Or more specifically, what does it mean to be made in God's Image?

 Even after being raised in a Christian home my whole life, these were the types of questions I was asking myself as I entered into my freshman year of college. 

After taking a course at my university titled, "Developing a Christian Mind," I began to dive deep into the theological term "Imago Dei."  In Latin, Imago Dei means "image of God." Although it might sound silly, these two words began to change my worldview and truly impacted the way I loved myself, others, and all of God's creation.

Therefore, it only seemed right to name my business after this simple, yet deep truth.

To create designs, plan/coordinate events, and to live my life all focused on one main thing - being an image bearer of Christ! 

Imago Dei Events_Floral Background-15.png

Imago Dei Events strives to excel in the wedding and event industry by creating moments that reflect the beauty of God's Image and by providing a professional, personal experience to couples and clients: our fellow image-bearers.

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